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Questions Most Asked by our Customers 

Being a small family owned business we have a lot of people asking how we manage to stay around so long when so many others have fallen by the way side. Hopefully we can answer a few of those questions here. If you have a questions or if we can help in any way, please give us a call at (859)-885-9426.


Why should I use you rather than the big box stores? 

There is no reason to use us on all your projects! Bet you didn't see that coming. There are areas where we just can't compete or just don't carry materials for that type of project. For example we do not carry any brick although we do carry block. We don't carry any tile for floors or walls. We can't do it justice so we don't do it at all. Bottom line is, we know you could have gone somewhere else. We appreciate the fact you came here. 


Will I buy it cheaper at the big box stores

We have customers come in for a lumber quote. Quite often after receiving their quote, you will hear them say... "that's cheaper than so and so." I tell them you don't have to be the cheapest, you just have to give that illusion.  The big box stores spend a lot of advertising dollars trying to create that illusion.


Will it cost me extra to "SPECIAL ORDER" my materials?

We never charge more for special orders. We offer such a wide range of products that it's just impossible to stock them all. Most orders are on our site within a week as most of our vendors visit us once to twice a week during peek building months.


I can never find anyone who is knowledgeable about the projects I'm working on.

The experience of our staff is second to none. Most of our staff has a background in some form of construction or remodeling. They are not put in a department just to fill a spot. Our people do not claim to know it all but odds are, they will have a working knowledge of your project or can put you in front of someone who can help.


How can a business so small, have all I need?

Don't let the building fool you. We have acres of building materials on this side of the street and more across the street at our rail head. We also have a windows and door division with Specialist who are trained to help you with all the important decisions in choosing just the right product.

Stratton Lumber

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